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Corporate Social Responsibility 2014



PANDIMAN are delighted to announce the appointment of Erica D. Amazan, a Registered Nurse, and Whey Anne O. Siscar as our CSR and Business Ethics Representatives. Erica and Whey have already visited 393 admitted patients at our accredited hospitals as well as numerous out-patient seafarers as part of Pandiman's continued effort to support Shipowners in the Philippines.

Erica D. Amazan, RN (Left) and Whey Anne O. Siscar (Right)



PANDIMAN and its affiliates are committed to providing education opportunities for underprivileged students from families who lack the finances to further their children’s education. We have today enrolled and paid for the following three night high school graduates/scholars from Siena College in Taytay, Rizal to be given the opportunity of a College Education for the coming four years.


Bachelor of Arts in Communication Arts

STI College – Ortigas-Cainta


Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education

National University


Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education

National University


























As part of our Corporate Social Responsibility, Pandiman would like to lead the way in directing our Organization in advocating and aiming to assist members of our community who find it hard to advocate for themselves.



To help the survivors restore their livelihood, Pandiman Philippines Inc. and its sister company Survey Specialists, Inc., have donated two (2) motorized fishing boats with outriggers through a non-government organization, Negrense Volunteers for Change Foundation, Inc. for the fishermen of Northern Panay and Negros Occidental who lost their boats to typhoon Yolanda. Pandiman will also support the project of adopt-a-school in Eastern Visayas.




Pandiman commend the people from One World School for pursuing the vision of creating the kind of school which recognizes the potential of Children of All Abilities and applaud their efforts in seeing this vision through to the reality that is One World School. There is a dearth of schools such as One World School, both here in the Philippines and, indeed, around the world. It is with pleasure that Pandiman donated an interactive playground for the One World School.

Children of One World school in the Pandiman Playground together with Jessica Malca, daughter of Executive Vice-President Fiona Malca.



  • ALON January 2018 - 120/240 Days

    120/240 Days - Understanding the issue and how to limit potential exposure in legal claims by correct case management. (latest developments)

    ALON January 2018 - 120/240 Days

  • ALON 8-2017

    PHILIPPINES - Restricted Nationals Vessels maybe refused entry into ports in Mindanao

    ALON 8-2017

  • ALON 5-2017

    PHILIPPINES - Appointment of Gina Lopez as Environment Secretary rejected by Commission on Appointments.

    ALON 5-2017

  • ALON 3-2017

    PHILIPPINES - Zambales, inappropriate charges are illegal

    ALON 3-2017

  • ALON 2016

    Warning of Wet Nickel Ore Cargo in Bulk from Surigao Philippines

    ALON 2016

  • ALON 2015

    Republic Act 10706
    ANGKLA - Seafarers Protection Act
    (Anti-Ambulance Chasing Bill)

    ALON 2015

  • ALON 4-2014

    Filipino Seafarers - High Risk Area Gulf of Aden and ship owners contractual liability under the Employment Contract POEA.

    GULF of ADEN - This update should be read in conjuction with ALON 1-2014

    ALON 4-2014

  • ALON 1-2014

    Filipino Seafarers - High Risk Area Gulf of Aden and ship owners contractual liability under the Employment Contract POEA.

    GULF of ADEN - This replaces ALON Issue 1 - 2013

    ALON 1-2014

  • ALON 2-2014

    Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) Philippines Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) Circular.

    POEA Memorandum Circular 7 / 2014 Requiring urgent compliance with new Guidelines for manning agents and Ship owners.

    ALON 2-2014

  • Ship Arrest in the Philippines

    A quick Guide to the arrest and release of a vessel in Philippine Territorial waters. - by Capt. Andrew J. Malpass

    Ship Arrest in the Philippines

  • ALON 1-2013

    Survey of 2012 Supreme Court decisions (as of 31 October 2012) on disability compensation in relation to the period of treatment: 120 days vs. 240 days

    It is important and is of great interest to the Manning Industry to share information on decisions rendered by the Supreme Court’s Report Annotated (SCRAA) which becomes jurisprudence or the law of the land.  A more effective medium containing the details of a case handled by our twelve (12) retained lawyers would be our website and through our ALON updates.  We hope you find the following of interest. 

    Filipino Seafarers –  High Risk Area Gulf of Aden and ship owners contractual liability under the Employment Contract POEA.

    ALON Issue 1 - 2013

    ALON 1-2013

  • ALON 2-2013

    Supreme Court Rulings

    Intermingling the Labour Code with the POEA, this is a detailed view for those who wish to know the full picture.

    ALON Issue 2 - 2013

    ALON 2-2013

  • ALON 3-2013

    National Labour Relations Commission (NLRC)

    The new Sheriff’s Manual on Execution 2012

    ALON Issue 3 - 2013

    ALON 3-2013