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Japan Seminar May 12, 2015

On the afternoon of Tuesday, May 12th Pandiman held a P&I seminar, the first of it's kind for just under 60 P&I Clubs, Shipowners and local correspondent offices in Japan.

Chairman and Co-founder of the company, Mrs Janet Clemo, President Captain Andrew Malpass and Executive Vice President, Mrs Fiona Clemo Malca hosted the seminar and the reception that followed, at the Prince Park Tower Hotel in Tokyo.

Mrs, Malca gave a 30 minute introduction to the company, as well as discussing recent initiatives and corporate developments created specifically to address individual needs and requirements of clubs and their members. Captain Malpass then spoke for the next 2 hours on current industry issues pertaining to the Philippines and the considerable advances that have taken place to address these concerns over the past 12 months in particular. Captain Malpass was ably assisted by Toda Law office and the careful and precise translation by Lawyer Yamamoto was of great assistance to the attendees.

Following the seminar was a 2 hour reception where Captain Malpass gave the opening toast, thanking in particular Sugiyama san from Cornes P&I, Tokyo for skillfully guiding us throughout the process of hosting such a seminar when we first began planning in January of this year. Grateful thanks were also extended to the staff from the Cornes office for their kind assistance prior to our seminar. Captain Malpass also thanked Toda & Co, and specifically all the research and efforts of Lawyer Yamamoto in helping toward the success of the day. He also thanked Oiwa san from UK P&I, Tokyo for his advise and assistance towards the event. We were also most grateful to Mr. Ida of Britannia P&I Club,  Japan Branch for his gracious attendance and support of our event.

At the end of the reception, Mrs. Janet Clemo made closing remarks and thanked all of those who had attended for joining us and being an integral part of the occasion.




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