Professional Support



Registered 9th December 1987
SEC Registration Number 146837

Sister Company to Pandiman, Aeromed International Inc. was formed and registered in December 1987 to fulfill a separate, specific need of shipowners - that of providing qualified medical escorts to those crew members scheduled for repatriation, yet requiring suitable supervision in transit. Aeromed has developed a "bank" of Filipino doctors and specialists whose practices or routine work allow their being utilised by Aeromed at a moments notice to go abroad and accompany home a seafaring fellow countryman in need. The advantages of utilising an Aeromed medical are:

  1. Rates highly competetive with those of foreign medical escorts.
  2. Solace to seaman patients as a result of being escorted by a fellow countryman.
  3. Medical escorts are top in their field and yet instantly able to respond to a call for assistance from Aeromed staff.

Philippine immigration laws dictate that Filipinos with tourist status must hold a round-trip ticket when exiting the Philippines. Therefore, Aeromed attends to all travel arrangements of assigned medical escorts and can also assist with the patient's travel needs including ambulance services, delivery to the hospital for immediate treatment, etc.

Full insurance coverage is put in place prior to each escort's out departure to ensure appropriate and full coverage of the escort's round-trip and of his patient's return home. The condition of the patient is taken into consideration when assessing the type and degree of coverage.

Aeromed services are not limited to P&I work and the Filipino Seafarer. Anyone in need the world over can avail of Aeromed services.